Our commitment to sustainable production

“Every individual has the power to make the world a better place.”

Choosing the windows in wood, wood-aluminum and wood-bronze CAIFRAME branded means installing in our own rooms an environmentally friendly window, helping to play an active role in protecting the environment.

Wood is in fact the only material in the world that, during its production, removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen. This represents a significant improvement in air quality and an active contribution to solving the problem of global warming.

CAIFRAME’s attention to the environment follows three main lines:

  • Certified wood FSC and PEFC: the raw materials used in the production of our windows come from forests controlled and certified FSC and PEFC, that is managed in a sustainable way.  This approach involves reforestation, land conservation and protection of the populations living in the places where the forests are located.
  • Green and eco-friendly windows: an ecological choice requires that, when a tree is mature, it is felled and replaced with younger plants. Growing, they will transform carbon dioxide faster than mature trees.
  • Water-based paints and bio-cycle: the CAIFRAME windows are painted with completely water-based products and cycle, and with organic paints that use non-toxic and ecological raw materials such as water and organic resins. This choice significantly reduces the   CO2 emission during the production phase of our windows and frames. 

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