Two gasket seals are crushed against each other to create a male/female system in which the more rigid “male” gasket fills the more seat it creates in the softer “female” gasket.

These gaskets have two characteristics than make this system possible:

a. The special materal used: a very new TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). It is a non-deformable material with very high elasticity than guarantees an excellent seal over thanks to its stability. It is the same material used for automobile gaskets.

b. The special bead extrusion makes it possible to create a denser, more convex gaskets that plays the “male” role and softer (“female”) gaskets that creates a seat to receive the other when crushed together. This system guarantees the strongest possible seal even under extreme conditions and perfect contact in the case of slight movements of the leaf over time.


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Contact-In® System



Contact-In® System