Special Eurolegno protection cycle in which each piece of the frame is dipped in an in-line bath before it is assembled. Each single worked piece enters a special chamber where it is sprayed on all sides (including the tops) with an anti-mould, fungicide primer that provides very high protection. This is only possible before the piece is assembled and this procedure allows to completely protect each individual piece. After the piece enters the dryer, it is individually brushed to guarantee the finish; the brushed are able to reach every part of the piece because it is not yet assembled. This process is the basis of our special painting cycle.


Dual Dual Slim Oro Diamante Vecchi Tempi Epoca Termik 80 Solid
TPP® (Total Protection Process)


Protec Protec Planus Royal Everglass Passive Aeneus
TPP® (Total Protection Process)