The clerks designed for the moving operations of the parts composing the armored system, packed or unpacked, MUST USE SAFETY GLOVES AND SHOESA;

Two or more persons with the help of a forklift truck if they exceed 160 cm in height or width;


Since the doors are very heavy, it is obligatory to handle them at least in two or more persons (lifting a maximum of 25kg per person). Since there is a real crushing danger caused by the weight of the product, those who perform this operation must strictly follow the indications reported below:

    1. Take the pieces near the installation site;
    2. Cut the centering or the scotch tape;
    3. Verify (measuring the counter and the frame in site) which frame corresponds, and must consequently be applied to, each single counter;


Position the COUNTER, where it is not installed and when required;
Position the FRAME and check its integrity;
Position the DOOR LOCK and check its integrity;
Position the SEMI – FIXED DOOR and check its integrity;

If the products are whole and match both the bill and the order, proceed with the installation. In case of damages or missing parts, immediately and in detail and/or with a picture, inform Caiframe or its local representatives, the forwarder or their insurance company or the retailer/dealer.


For a correct maintenance of the Armored System, remember:

  • The lock, the pins and all the mobile parts must be lubricated periodically every six months only using petroleum jelly.
  • With the same cadence, the the hinges must also be lubricated using exclusively petroleum jelly.


The armored system is not considered safe if not closed correctly and also if the key has not been removed from the cylinder’s site.


  • The presence of odors from the artifact after removing the packaging does not represent a danger, but we suggest to avoid closed spaces when performing such operation.
  • Avoid performing unexpected maneuvers for assembling and functioning systems; avoid closing the door or the system with excessive strength.
  • Avoid bumping against glass surfaces or sharp objects.
  • Avoid putting weights on the handle and forcing it excessively in case there are any kind of impediments to a normal closing movement.
  • Avoid air flows to create situations in which the doors might slam violently against a wall or the mechanical stop.
  • Periodically, make sure that the fixing and assembling systems are set and functioning.
  • Avoid improper and non-consonant use of the product.
  • For the maintenance, follow the indications reported in this User Manual.



General indications


The superficial cleaning must be done using non – aggressive products that don’t contain an alcoholic base.
During the cleaning, the surfaces must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
Strictly avoid using a pressure washer with a high pressure jet and/or steam and the use of abrasive substances and/or materials, as well as products containing organic solvents.
We recommend to pay attention in using products that are not aggressive for the accessories and the components of the armored system; do not apply products directly on the surfaces that have to be cleaned, except with an adequate dilution.
We also recommend to always doing a series of preliminary tests to qualify the chosen cleaning product on a small area, not visible, of the armored system’s surface, to verify that the cleaning operation doesn’t alter the windows characteristics.
The correct use of the safety window requires to perform the following operations at least every six months:

  1. PCleaning the safety window every three months using water and neutral soap (for example, dish soap to the extent of one spoon every 5 liters of water). Thoroughly rinse every residue of soap. Such operation will eliminate the deposits of smog, dust, saltiness, polluting agents that might build lay down on the window.
  2. During the cleaning, carefully verify any point where the protective paint film might be accidentally chipped or has sagged creating small cracks. In case, quickly protect such areas with the specific touch – ups paint provided in the accessories box. The failure to protect the points where the protective paint film is no longer present inevitably causes the attack of the rust.
  3. After the cleaning, apply a common car bodywork protective on the iron parts, to protect the window from weathering. As an example, we suggest SYMFOL or an equivalent product.

In case of installations in seaside areas, in areas with a high geothermic activity, close to industrial areas and livestock establishments, the ordinary maintenance activities must be performed more often, therefore at least monthly.

Restoration operations

Whether an incorrect maintenance caused corrosion phenomena of the iron parts paint, with rust dots, perform the following operations:

  1. Sand down the area close to the corrosion with common sand paper.
  2. Apply a Primer with a brush, of the acrylic two component type. As an example, we suggest 96305 EPOXINVER PRIMER EXTRA GREY 70 35 TQ – C. 944+96315 HARDENER FOR EPOXIVER/E PRIMER EXTRA – C.944 by INVER S.P.A.
  3. When the Primer is completely dry, apply always with a brush the touch – ups paint provided in the accessories box.


Regarding the use, cleaning and maintenance of the wood panels of the armored doors, refer completely to chapter 05 CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF THE PAINTING.

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