The moment of the choice of windows for own environments should always be accompanied by the awareness of having identified the best solution, both from the point of view of aesthetics and performance expectations.

The wooden frames represent without doubt a product free from passing fashions and that does not suffer from the passing of time. Always loved for the imprinting and strongly evocative material that characterizes them, these products have an incredible versatility and a long history that makes them suitable to different contexts, as well as a very wide range of variety to choose from.

However, before proceeding to the conscious purchase of wooden frames it is always advisable to deepen the characteristics of these architectural elements, so as to have a clear and exhaustive overview.

The pros of wooden frames

There is no doubt that wooden windows are particularly appreciated for their incredible aesthetic impact and for the variety of colors, materials and styles available, which make them suitable for environments also diametrically different from each other: from single-family villas to holiday homes, from attics to apartments.

Their innate capacity to make warm and welcoming any context is certainly one of the qualities that puts them at the top of the list of possible “candidates” for purchase: the aesthetic impact is therefore the first advantage that we must take into account. In practical terms, wooden windows represent one of the ideal choices in contexts where the harmony between frames and architectural style is considered crucial, for example in the context of some renovations or in the upgrading of historic buildings.

On the other hand, from a performance point of view, wooden frames are able to guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and the reason is simple: wood is, by its nature, an insulating material, and will therefore help to avoid excessive heat loss and to increase the degree of indoor comfort.

The long duration over time is another feature that pushes the purchase of wooden frames, especially if they have an highest quality as the collections branded CAIFRAME that, moreover, ensure the total satisfaction of the customer’s needs thanks to the incredible possibility of customization.

Finally, the important aspect of environmental sustainability of windows made of this material should not be underestimated.

The cons of wooden frames

In general terms, it is possible to indicate some characteristics of wooden windows that may not make this solution ideal for any type of environment.

The first is certainly related to the degree of maintenance that these elements require. Being a living material, wood needs to be protected and maintained on a regular basis so that it can perform properly and maintain its aesthetic characteristics. Where these fixtures are installed in areas particularly exposed to the sun’s rays or to the most challenging atmospheric agents, the maintenance aspect will be essential in order not to ruin the product.

It should also be considered the cost aspect: on average, excellent wooden frames tend to be more expensive from an economic point of view than other types of windows.

It is therefore better to limit its choice for installation in environments where the aspect of the absolute quality of the different elements is central, and to opt for different solutions for more savings oriented contexts.

The CAIFRAME line of wooden windows: designer solutions for the most diverse environments

CAIFRAME offers a wide range of wooden windows models to meet the most different aesthetic and technical needs.

The constant investments carried out by the company in the field of Research and Development and a capillary attention to the selection of raw materials and the production aspect make CAIFRAME wooden windows the ideal solution for the most varied contexts: great quality, maximum resistance, excellent performance are just some of the characteristics of these architectural elements of design that always manage to embellish the spaces in which they are installed.

There is a solution for every room: the rounded corners and the strong personality of DUAL, the line of wooden windows that immediately conveys a sense of security and tranquility; the maximum brightness in input guaranteed by the DUAL SLIM model, with its square look and contemporary design; the sharp and immediately recognizable cut of DIAMOND, for those who are looking for strong and marked lines; the incredible thermoacoustic performance of TERMIK80, made entirely of 80 mm wood and characterized by triple glass.

And for those who love wooden frames with a more classic and traditional tone, CAIFRAME offers the beautiful OLD TIMES lines, with their look that can excite both in the Baracco and Medieval version; and EPOCA, an authentic jewel of Italian architecture.

Get in touch with CAIFRAME experts to identify the wooden frames that best suit your needs.

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