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Safety and performing frames: the RC2 class and burglary systems

To ensure maximum protection of your home, it is essential to invest in reliable and high-quality security systems. For this reason, RC2 technology and anti-burglary protection systems in windows play a major role in ensuring the safety of private homes. Read on to find out more! Read on to find out more!

RC2 anti-burglary hardware on design frames

The RC2 resistance class is recommended by the police for private houses and requires the use of specific components to ensure an adequate level of protection. Among these components, the anti-burglary hardware RC2 is a fundamental element. The main features of this hardware include:

  • Superior quality RC2 certified special mushroom pawls: these anti-tampering pawls are designed to offer a superior resistance against break-in or burglary attempts.
  • Anti-twist handles with key: add an additional level of security, preventing forced torsion and unauthorized opening.
  • P4A safety glass: Class P4A safety glass offers resistance to vandalism and is installed with structural bonding, ensuring effective protection against breakage attempts.

Besides this KIT consisting of the above mentioned points it is necessary to use a hard wood, then oak. However, Caiframe does not issue the RC2 anti-burglary certificate as it affects too many external factors compared to the work of Caiframe (such as the installation and opening types).

Additional safety systems for high-quality windows: Caiframe anti-burglary solutions available in addition to the RC2 hardware kit

As mentioned above, with the appropriate technology and protection systems, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglary and ensure a safe and secure home environment. Below you can consider additional anti-burglary types to increase the safety of Caiframe quality frames.

The hook lock on lift-sliding Zero

Ideal for the Lift Zero and Ray versions, it is an innovative locking system designed to offer maximum safety and precision over time. The main features of this system include:

  • Extreme safety: the lock guarantees a high level of anti-burglary, increasing the protection of the windows.
  • Optimal adjustment: Offers more adjustment possibilities to ensure perfect closure over time.
  • Clean design: thanks to the absence of external protrusions, the system guarantees a cleaning of the open-sash profiles, with concealed hooks and completely flush-mounted connections with the frame.

Total Protection System

The Total Protection System is a system integrated to windows that protects the house from intruders. This system allows you to activate the alarm even with the window in the tilting position, thanks to special IMQ contacts inserted in window stops. This system offers not only extreme reliability, but also an improved esthetics due to its complete disappearance.



Domotech System

This system represents the evolution of the TOTAL PROTECTION® SYSTEM and enables the automatic monitoring of the window through intelligent sensors. Thanks to a magnetic pawl and a double-contact magnetic strike plate, it is possible to recognize the window three positions (closed, sash open, sash tilted) and connect the window to surveillance or alarm systems, even remotely controlled.



Investing in technologies such as RC2 burglar-proof hardware and additional protection systems is essential to ensure the safety of your windows. These components help to make the home less vulnerable to burglary attempts, providing effective and reliable protection against unwanted intrusion.

Choosing advanced security solutions is therefore an important investment for anyone’s peace of mind and safety.

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