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The only Minimal profile in real lamellar wood
Technology and quality
Caiframe: a range of design windows with a technological heart
Why choose Caiframe
Design, quality, sustainability and performance for your design windows
Caiframe and the environment
FSC and PEFC certified wood, eco-friendly windows, water-based paints and bio cycles
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Who we are

Design window manufacturers since 1970

Founded in 1970, Caiframe is synonymous of italian identity, search for excellence, attention to design and continuous evolution in the design and production of high-tech frames, with perfect aesthetic for any context.

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“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”

Designer fixtures

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Aluminum wooden windows

Among the top of the range solutions in the window and door sector. These fixtures combine the protection and design of aluminum with the material warmth, aesthetics and formidable insulating properties of wood.

Bronze wooden windows

Luxury fixtures that are true architectural elements, thanks to the union of the living and warm material par excellence, wood, with the unmistakable aesthetics of a prestigious material with a thousand-year history such as bronze.

Wooden windows

The utmost excellence in the window and door industry thanks to the extraordinary thermal insulation properties of this material, combined with its traditional aesthetics, material beauty and limited environmental impact.

Curtain walls

Custom-made fixtures designed for very large spans: the best thermo-acoustic performance is combined with an unparalleled entry of natural light into the internal environments, while optimizing the entry of heat in summer and cold in winter with special glass with maximum performance.


Caiframe Windows Partner

The partnership program designed for architects, designers and retailers of frames and windows.

Essences and finishes


Windows are style elements with multiple faces: for this reason CAIFRAME offers the widest choice of essences, finishes and colors for all its collections.

Dust XO



Caiframe for the environment

As a result of sustainable production, Caiframe energy-saving windows play an active role in the environment protecting.



We have exported our experience and our skills to the world (United States, Spain, Qatar, Theran) creating projects for historic, private and commercial buildings and beyond.


From North to South Italy, we have created fixtures that overcome the limits imposed by fashion, opting for timeless beauty and elegance.


Thanks to our technical skills and attention to detail, we have contributed to the aesthetic and functional rebirth of valuable buildings and historic homes.


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Why become a Caiframe Windows Partner? All the advantages.
2 November 2023

Why become a Caiframe Windows Partner? All the advantages.

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28 July 2023

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