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Baroque style aluminum wood frames

Wooden and aluminum frames are additions to homes that connote a precise choice aimed at giving class and elegance to your home. These baroque style elements adapt to the specificities of historic buildings in a harmonious manner but are also practicable for more modern buildings.
The style of Caiframe's wood and aluminum frames is designed to enhance the qualities of a window and help it guarantee excellent thermo-acoustic insulation. These models with triple glass guarantee high comfort in all seasons of the year.

Caiframe Wooden Aluminum Windows: The Advantages of Wooden and Aluminum Frames

Our fixtures are true works of art aimed at those who want to make their home even more beautiful. The great attention spent in defining the fixtures makes them implementations with excellent levels of design and safety.
The aluminum covering of the frames performs an excellent protective function. Our products are customizable and available in a wide choice of colors and finishes.

Essences and Finishes

Dust XO

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