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Minimal and designer aluminum wooden windows

Ray wooden aluminum windows are the perfect choice for those who want to mediate between minimal design and effective window frames.
The lines are direct and clean, created in a professional manner to give a refined and elegant look to the product. These wooden and aluminum frames are ideal for ensuring the thermal insulation of the home. Ray windows are wonderful combinations of glass, wood and aluminium, which allow you to enjoy sunlight without letting heat and cold penetrate. The Ray model also features excellent sound insulation

Wood-Aluminium Frames: The Advantages

The wooden component is an exceptional element capable of maintaining an optimal temperature in the room. The finishes are customizable and can be chosen in line with your interior. Different variations of these fixtures are available, from aluminum finishes to wooden finishes, all variants with a very refined design and full of personality.

Essences and Finishes

Dust XO

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