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Design windows

Absolute quality in the production of energy-saving windows

Caiframe stands for absolute quality in the design and production of energy-saving windows.

The company offers exclusive collections of wooden, wooden-aluminum and wooden-bronze windows of different styles and finishes, as well as curtain walls and sliding systems. Each solution is designed with extreme care to improve the performance and embellish the aesthetics of the environments, whether they are classic, contemporary or even historical prestige.

All the Caiframe frames guarantee excellent performance in terms of safety, thermal insulation (thanks to low thermal transmittance values ) and sound insulation, because of the result of a consolidated approach that combines aesthetics with absolute functionality.

Explore the collections of Caiframe luxury frames and get in touch with our specialists for more information or dedicated assistance.

Designer fixtures

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Aluminum wooden windows

Among the top of the range solutions in the window and door sector. These fixtures combine the protection and design of aluminum with the material warmth, aesthetics and formidable insulating properties of wood.

Bronze wooden windows

Luxury fixtures that are true architectural elements, thanks to the union of the living and warm material par excellence, wood, with the unmistakable aesthetics of a prestigious material with a thousand-year history such as bronze.

Wooden windows

The utmost excellence in the window and door industry thanks to the extraordinary thermal insulation properties of this material, combined with its traditional aesthetics, material beauty and limited environmental impact.

Curtain walls

Custom-made fixtures designed for very large spans: the best thermo-acoustic performance is combined with an unparalleled entry of natural light into the internal environments, while optimizing the entry of heat in summer and cold in winter with special glass with maximum performance.