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Lift-sliding frames for maximum natural light

The lift-sliding frames designed and manufactured by Caiframe are proving to be a design solution increasingly appreciated and widespread, in particular where it is appropriate to create a communication and light channel between indoor and outdoor spaces such as terraces, solarium, verandas and gardens.

The Caiframe lift-sliding frames guarantee a copious entrance of natural light inside the rooms and allow you to create large windows, creating a visual sensation of continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The impression at the glance is that there is no boundary between what is inside and what is outside.

The perfect optimization of the spaces is another of the advantages that make this solution increasingly sought: the convenient opening is simple and practical to use and allows easy management of the window, while sashes that do not occupy space inside the room during use optimize the usability of the indoor surface.To this must be added further plus: the high thermal and acoustic comfort, the anti-burglary safety, the maximum protection from the action of atmospheric agents and the long duration.

Discover the sliding windows perfect for you, whether your home is characterized by a modern or traditional style. Choose the ones you prefer from the classic version or Zero, perfect if you love a minimalist and contemporary design. Profiles of 80, 75 and 55 millimetres are available, up to the Minimal Ray equal to 38 millimetres, also on the handle side and low crossbar in the trolley space.

The Zero and Ray models also boast an innovative locking system that maximizes passive safety in environments: the hook lock maximizes the burglary level; increases the adjustment possibilities for a perfect closure in time; eliminates the presence of protruding external bodies typical of traditional systems; and ensures extreme cleanliness of the profiles with open door thanks to the hooks to disappeared and the meetings totally recessed, flush with the frame.

Lift-sliding Ray

Available in various colours and finishes, the lift-sliding Ray  has an essence with a thickness of only 38 mm also on the handle side. Thermal transmittance up to 0.71 W/m2K is combined with an acoustic abatement of up to 43 dB. The thickness of the glass can reach up to 53 mm.

Lift-sliding Zero

The lift-sliding Zero is perfect for those who love the minimal and contemporary design for their frames.

Standard lifts

In the standard version, the lift-sliding is an opening mechanism suitable for large windows. Turning the handle with minimum effort, the opening sash rises overlapping the other door, which is fixed.

On the floor, the standard lifts have a slipway threshold of only 25 mm that can be brought flush with the interior floor to make the product perfectly at level and even more comfortable in the passage to the outside. This peculiarity makes this solution very attractive, and particularly appreciated by designers who want full synergy between design and living comfort.


The sliding shifting is an excellent solution for medium-sized openings: it is in fact a mechanism that can be installed on the French window that allows, once the handle is turned and the door is pulled towards itself, the sliding opening instead outreach inside the room.

Instead of the low threshold, the sliding shifting floor-level has a frame, which is all around the four sides of the opening perimeter.

The floor-level frame and the closure as a French window mean that the sliding shifting are widely used in windows particularly exposed to water.