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Aluminum wooden windows

High-performance fixtures: an exclusive solution for your environments

Wood-aluminium windows are now considered among the top solutions in the field of  window frames. To the warmth of the material and the unbeatable insulating properties of wood, as well as to the aesthetics of undisputed value typical of this material, are associated in fact the remarkable aluminum technical characteristics, which protects the frame from the action of the elements also implementing

multiple technical solutions that adapt to the most demanding and innovative architectural projects.

With an extremely elegant visual impact, the Caiframe wood-aluminum windows enhance the product design as much as its high-end performance: a long life that makes this architectural element almost eternalthe high Uw values, the great versatility of use that allows the installation even on large compartments, the absence of maintenance, the stability.

The wooden-aluminum windows are highly customizable products in terms of colors and finishes, capable to adapt in a synergic or even symbiotic way to the style of the environments in which are

installed. Visit the section and discover the contemporary appeal of the Evolve collection, the excellent resistance of Solid, the irresistible appeal of Planus, the sleek and minimal lines of Everglass. And more: the baroque style of Royal, also ideal for historic buildings, the exceptional performance of Passive and the elegant clean style of Ray.

Where does your style go?