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Bronze wooden windows

Energy saving fixtures also perfect for the aesthetic recovery of historic buildings

The concept of material beauty rises to the square thanks to the exclusive wooden-bronze windows signed Caiframe. These beautiful architectural elements combine the charm of the living material and “warm” by definition, wood, the unmistakable aesthetic of a material of ancient history such as bronze. Perfect for the restoration, recovery and aesthetic and functional improvement of vintage buildings, these windows represent the ultimate harmony of shapes and synergy among all existing materials.

Precious windows, which give prestige and refinement to the buildings in which they are installed, and versatile to the point of being able to better coordinate even with contemporary buildings, such as residential villas and hotels. Performance is also exceptional, thanks to the Caiframe quality system that minimizes the need for surface maintenance. The classic behaviour of bronze, which in a completely spontaneous way produces a protective patina of incredible aesthetic impact, combined with the insulating characteristics of wood, creates a window with virtually infinite life.

Discover Aneus, summary of a timeless beauty that increases with the passing of the years: this is the solution to improve the thermoacoustic protection of your building, without sacrificing an unique elegance.

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