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Wooden windows

Luxury fixtures with an unmistakable material charm

The wooden windows represent the highest excellence in the window industry thanks to extraordinary thermal insulation properties of this material, absolutely the best among the materials used for this kind of products. Traditional aesthetics and material beauty of windows in wood are combined with a very limited environmental impact – and therefore a more sustainable terms of waste production. At the same time, wood is the only raw material that, during the production phase, removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen, thus helping to limit the problem of global warming.

The continuous investments in Research & Development in the field of the design and production of wood windows frames have also allowed, in recent years, to implement the durability of external paints,

increasing the longevity of these solutions.

For its wooden windows, Caiframe constantly realize its proven quality protocol: the result are collections of designer windows frames that embellish the spaces.

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