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Dual Slim

Wooden window frames with simple, square lines

Windows are an architectural element of separation between inside and outside which can be enhanced to fit in with the rest of the house.

Choosing excellent wooden windows allows you to give light and protection to your homes.
The Dual wooden window and door models are fantastic elements capable of giving comfort and elegance to your home.

Dual Slim Wooden Window – Caiframe Wooden Frames

The Dual Slim wooden window in Caiframe is designed to let in the necessary light.

Wood is a practical element at the basis of pleasant and innovative windows and doors that offers an excellent compromise between comfort and pleasantness, practicality and modernity.

Our wooden windows feature square lines and a design that winks at contemporary tastes. This simple and effective look makes our windows ideal for modern environments.

Caiframe wooden frames offer appreciable thermal insulation performance and a simple look that goes well with any modern environment. They are easy to clean and do not require particular maintenance. This model facilitates the entry of light into homes.

Essences and Finishes

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