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Technology & Quality

At the heart of the Caiframe design windows there are quality and advanced technology

Specialized in the design and production of design windows since 1970, Caiframe has developed over the years a rich heritage of technical skills that combine the utmost care for the aesthetics of the product. As a result, each design window and darkening system represents the synthesis between exclusive style and high-level technology, with the ultimate aim of offering solutions that are not only beautiful to see, but also extraordinarily efficient, safe and reliable.

The choice of laminated wood as the main material for Caiframe realizations is combined with advanced painting technologies and state-of-the-art safety systems, which increase the strength of the windows and significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

Explore the section below to discover how Caiframe identifies the full balance between design, performance and security.

“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”
Technology & Quality

Caiframe chooses laminated wood for its design windows: a high quality material that guarantees stability, resistance, homogeneity and beauty, creating windows and darkening systems that are unique in aesthetics and highly technological.

Frames in laminated wood

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A special single piece protection cycle that provides for the inline wetting of each component of the frame before its assembly.

Protection cycle TPP®

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HFS ® is a special fastening system of the transoms with the uprights by means of expanding wooden pins, called "bironi", to obtain maximum tightness, clean process and at its best esthetics.

Technology HFS®

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Long lasting over time, resistance to the action of atmospheric agents and always unaltered aesthetic characteristics: the painting technologies chosen by Caiframe for its design frames are selected to achieve these objectives.

The excellent technological choice for frames intended for installation in environments exposed to atmospheric agents, humidity, salt, pollution and poor ventilation.

Hardware Tricoat

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Increasing the passive safety of indoor rooms is a must for Caiframe. For this reason, our high quality windows and doors are enriched with advanced and technologically advanced security systems.

Safety Systems

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The SHARK ® system maximizes the performance of Caiframe frames in terms of air and water tightness, while TPE seals offer excellent guarantees of durability.

System SHARK and TPE gaskets

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The structural bonding of glass increases the stability of Caiframe design windows. The fixing between sash and glass with the structural adhesive creates a stable and load-bearing body that guarantees a safe use over time, greater thermal insulation and resistance to burglary attempts.

Structural bonding

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The automatic sealing system with self-learning robot ensures absolute precision and maximum cleaning during the silicon application.

Sealing glass by robot

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