Our story is linked to some of the most beautiful an elegant creations of the Italian architecture. We had the privilege to contribute to their aesthetical and functional rebirth, thanks to the great technical knowledge matured through the years, but especially thanks to our love for properly done things who are also beautiful to look at.

Beauty and elegance are times concepts who overcome stylistic limits imposed by fashinuovaon. The purpose of our work is to give a form to those concepts.

Beauty and elegance inspire our design, our choice of colors and materials, our will to adopt technical and aesthetical solutions destined to last in time. Every time we achieve it, the emotion is huge! We want to give back that same emotion when we present our Window Collection.


Caiframe , besides qualifying its products with the prestigious IFT certification from Rosenheim, has completed the path for the CE Marking of all its products, in order to guarantee to the customer the respect of the regulations introduced at European level, and precisely:

UNI-EN 12210 (resistance to wind solicitation);

UNI-EN 177/1 (thermal isolation);

UNI-EN 12207 (isolation and airtight);

UNI-EN 12208 (isolation and airtight).



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Our Company was established in 1988, in a little carpenter’s shop, and quickly brought the care of craftwork on an industrial level, distinguishing itself with a highly qualified product. In time, many prestigious works, even in the field of National importance restorations, gave Caiframe the chance of making itself known in the national and international scenario of designers and construction companies.

We list, as an example, some significant works made in Italy by our Company:

These works are the demonstration of a high level technical heritage in the field, which we also used to copy ancient window frames, adapting them to the best modern technologies, in order to guarantee performances suitable for modern time’s needs.



Our biggest resource is people: it is thanks to the capacities and ideas of all of us that we have grown in time on a National and International level.

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