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Caiframe Windows

Founded in 1970, Caiframe is synonymous of Italian identity, search for excellence, attention to design and continuous evolution. Thanks to the technical knowledge acquired over the years, to a constant orientation to innovation and, above all, to our love for beautiful and well-made things, we contribute daily to the aesthetics and functionality of properties in any style.

Beauty and elegance are timeless concepts that go beyond the stylistic limits imposed by fashions. The ultimate goal of our work is to give shape to these concepts, which inspire us in the design and production of our performing windows: they find space in their design, in the choice of materials and colors, in technical and aesthetic solutions that will last over time.

The birth of each Caiframe window excites us. And it is this same emotion that we want transfer to all those who choose it for the spaces of their life.

“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”
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From the wide range of products and finishes to the high quality of materials, from performance to safety, up to eco-sustainability: the many reasons to choose Caiframe technological windows.

Why choose Caiframe

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Caiframe design windows are quality certified in Italy. The company has received the most prestigious awards, guaranteeing excellent solutions in every respect

Company certifications

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Caiframe produces energy-saving and eco-friendly windows that, thanks to the commitment to sustainable production, play an active role in environment protecting.

Environmental sustainability

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