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Wooden doors

Darkening systems with timeless charm

The charm of the material material par excellence meets a high level of safety for your home: Caiframe wooden doors are aesthetic wonders that integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment and contribute to the thermo-acoustic insulation of indoor spaces.

Designed with the utmost attention to embellish the aesthetics of each building, these wooden darkening systems reveal exceptional combinations of shape and color that excellently filter sunlight, improving the internal microclimate and at the same time guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality.

Offered in numerous types, the Caiframe branded wooden doors are available in the version to wall or with frame and in different variations: a horizontal or vertical slats, the model Pocket, perfect for small spaces; the Romanina one with external vertical slats and internal horizontal slats; the classic and elegant Venetian model.

Identify and choose the perfect style for your spaces.