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Protection cycle TPP®

For the protection of every component of our performing windows

TPP® is a special single piece protection cycle that provides for the wetting in line wetting of each component of the frame before its assembly. Once worked, the single piece is inserted in a sort of dampener which sprays it in all its parts (heads included) with an ultra high power fungicide and antimold primer. This process is 100% effective only when parts are disassembled, because the product is absorbed by the uprights and transoms even at the head, before assembly.

Thanks to the TPP® cycle, Caiframe guarantees the complete protection of every single component of the frame. Once treated, it goes into drying and is then brushed individually to ensure an excellent finish: only with the profile removed, it is possible to ensure that the brushes can wrap the component in all its parts. This process is the basis of the special painting cycle realized by Caiframe.

“A special single-piece protection cycle”
Protection cycle TPP®