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Hardware RC2

High-performance and safe design fixtures: to live the house in total tranquility

Windows represent one of the main passive safety devices: it means that they are called to ensure the safety of a building or a structure in a non-intrusive way for the inhabitants but still reliable, reducing the risk of unwanted burglary and entry. The windows constitute a physical barrier between the interior and the exterior of the rooms, acting as a first line of defense against unauthorized access or intrusion and protecting people and property in the indoor spaces.

Caiframe’s design windows, on request, can be planned to withstand forcing attempts because they are equipped with anti-burglary hardware RC2, the class of resistance recommended by law enforcement for private homes.

This technology is realized through the use of oak wood, superior quality special hardware, anti-hinge pawls with mushroom head, anti-torsion handles with key and vandal resistant P4A safety glass.

“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”