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Darkening systems

For adequate filtering of sunlight

Our darkening systems complete and further improve the windows frames, in order to filter properly sunlight and prevent his direct impact on indoor environments. At the same time, these solutions facilitate privacy and a perfect protection against solar overheating.

Allowing you to adjust the entry of light in the house, the darkening systems facilitate relax and rest,

protect furniture and accessories that may be damaged by excessive solar exposure, shelter from atmospheric agents such as wind, rain, hail. Finally, they contribute to increasing the thermoacoustic wellness in domestic environments, the degree of safetyhousing comfort and even the aesthetics of the house.

Caiframe offers you a wide range of solutions for darkening systems. Explore the section and discover the incomparable charm of the interior shutters, proposed in the standard version or with ashlar panel; the wonderful appearance of the wooden doors, designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding aesthetics; the incomparable and timeless style of the wooden blinds.

Identify and customize the look and performance of your home.