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Domotech® System Caiframe

It’s the evolution of the TOTAL PROTECTION ® SYSTEM that, thanks to intelligent sensors, allows to:

  • Automatically monitor the window by means of a magnetic door-latch that follows the hardware’s movement and a double magnetic contact clash thanks to which it is possible to recognize the three positions of the window: closed, open hinged, tilt door.
  • Linked to surveillance systems or anti-theft systems even with remote control. The double magnetic contact clash detects the window in “closed” or “tilt door “position, allowing the ventilation without setting the alarm off, for example in the bedrooms and bathrooms. The alarm will set off only if the window is opened on swing (shutter is moved aside from the frame)
  • Energy saving thanks to the link to a thermostat or air conditioning. If the window is in opening position (on swing or tilt door) the heating/cooling is automatically interrupted
“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”
Domotech® System