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Wooden windows made with top of the range

Wooden Window Visual

VISUAL is the synthesis of wood’s material charm and elegance combined with top-of-the-range performance. Available in the Total Wood or Total Glass version, this wooden window with all-glass retractable door seduces with its clean and minimalistic lines, designed to define the perimeter of the spaces and enhance the refinement of the interior design.

The 65-mm thick Slim profile and the retractable door favor the presence of large glass surfaces, with a wide-ranging visual impact and maximization of the illuminated area: as much as 35% more than traditional windows. This way, these ample windows create panoramic views of the outside, turning into bridges between indoor and outdoor settings.

VISUAL’s advanced micro ventilation system (available on request) is especially noteworthy, as it automatically maintains optimal indoor air quality. The heat losses will thus be nullified, and the energy consumption will be minimized.

Extraordinary in any context, our VISUAL wooden windows show a unique design enhanced by the low threshold (available on request), which replaces the more traditional lower crosspiece.

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