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  • How do you calculate the energetic efficiency of a window frame?
    To verify how much a window frame is really insulating, we give it an insulation value called Uw. This value is determined by a calculation that can vary depending on the dimension, type of window frame and the calculation between the frame (window sash + casing) of the window frame ( a value called Uf) and the insulation value of the glas (value called Ug).
    Depending on these above mentioned factors, the Uw value is determined, being conversely proportional (the lower the value, the more insulating is the window)
    For the calculation it is also taken into consideration the insulation value of the glass conduit (value called PSI) that also varies depending on the type of conduit.
  • What is the Uf value?
    Every window frame has a perimeter cornice (sash + casing) that runs around the glass.
    Depending on the type of material used, its size and thickness, this value changes.
    Wood (especially the soft one) has a high insulating power; therefore, a wooden window frame combined with a good glass window is an excellent insulation choice for the house.
  • Why the “g” factor is important when choosing the type of glass to use
    When choosing glass, everybody pays attention to the Ug, that is the insulation level of the glass window, but few take into consideration the “g” factor. The “g” factor indicates percentage share of energy that penetrates the room through the window glass.
    In case of solar shielding, the gtot is also calculated,
    taking into consideration not just the glass but also the darkening combined.
    The right balance has therefore to be valued with the thermo technician,
    to choose the right glass window.
  • What’s the role of the window frame in insulating a building?
    Nowadays, a window frame is considered a transparent wall that contributes in optimizing the total value of the façade combined with the non – transparent walls (masonry).
    Therefore, the window must be considered as a multifunctional and multi -performance “system”, where no only the insulation value of the window frame itself counts, but also its watertight degree and its noise reduction level.
    Usually, the designer determines the minimum perform level of the window frame, based on the surface and the ratio between transparent and non – transparent walls.

    For example:
    when the masonry has a very high value of thermo – acoustic insulation, while the window walls have a very small surface compared to the façade, it will be sufficient for the window frame to have lower performance values.
    In case of bigger glass windows, the use of the window frame will surely be more determinant.
  • What is the link between noise pollution and stress/anxiety?
    Noise pollution and stress and anxiety conditions are closely linked: excessive noise from sources such as road traffic, Industrial activities or chaotic urban environments can in fact generate a significant impact on people’s mental and physical health.

    Prolonged exposure to noise can activate the sympathetic nervous system, triggering a "fight or run away" response (a physiological reaction to a highly stressful stimulus from a physical or mental point of view) that leads to high levels of stress. This constant activation of the nervous system can contribute to the development of a chronic form of stress, in turn associated with several conditions of physical and emotional malaise, including anxiety.

    In addition, noise pollution can affect sleep, interrupting it or causing frequent awakenings at night. Such a negative impact on the quality and quantity of night rest can lead to the accumulation of stress and the manifestation of anxiety disorders. Finally, constant exposure to noise can affect concentration, memory and the ability to relax, further contributing to the overall picture of stress and anxiety.
  • What kind of choices are made to reach high acoustic levels?
    Acoustic is a problematic always more and more present when choosing a window frame.
    The modern lifestyle is undoubtedly more stressful than in the past, and it makes us more sensitive to noise, especially if you live in a city with much traffic that causes acoustic pollution for our home comfort, especially at night.
    The choice of the glass window therefore has a fundamental role, the building technology of the glass allows you to create products that are always more suitable to fight the external noise.
    However, you don’t have to neglect the type of construction of window frame regarding the sealing perimeter frame around the glass.
    If you buy double or triple seal window frames you will obviously have the chance to avoid air and noise filtration in the window’s perimeter; moreover, buying an “industrially built” window frame grants you that the closing tolerances of the sealing system are made correctly. In fact, building a window frame using numerical control machines, guarantees the perfect construction of the window system.
    You don’t have to be a good carpenter to make a good window frame, you rather have to be “technically advanced”.
  • When the glass conduit “Warm Edge”, commonly called “hot conduit” is needed?
    The separation lath between the two thermic glasses, as for every other element of the window, went through evolution and improvement during the years.
    In particularly cold climates, during winter, because of strong temperature range between the internal and the external temperature, some condensation may occur in the lower part of the glass.
    This happens because the coldest part of the glass is the perimeter, where the glass conduit is present that is usually made of aluminum, therefore a “cold conduit”.
    From several years there is a glass conduit called “Warm Edge “that is thermally insulated, made of thermoplastic material that incase of cold climate with temperatures reaching values close to or equal to zero Celsius degrees is certainly improving and recommended.
  • Why choosing the tilt door for your window frames?
    The new homes are much more isolated than those of 20 years ago, furthermore the houses during daytime hours are on average less inhabited than they once were.
    Usually, we keep our windows closed while we are not at home, and at evening when we come back home we keep them closed to avoid cold or heat during summertime, also using air conditioning. This creates moist. In fact when we kook we create steam, when we take a shower we create steam, when we leave towels on the radiator in the evening to dry them, we create steam. In addition, we keep toxic gases and pollution inside the building.
    The new generation window frames tightly close the air, as it has to be.
    Tilt door allows us to gradually open and control the window, without influencing too much on the house temperature. Every CAIFRAME tilt door system also has “ Micro Ventilation” to minimize thermic dispersion, allowing a continuous air turnover inside the house, which is very important for our health.
  • Why it is important to choose a highly insulating window frame?
    The window frame has a fundamental role in the thermic insulation of the building.
    On average, it is estimated that the window element contributes for 25% to the general insulation of a building.
    Other elements such as the roof, the type of heating system and the walls insulation do all the rest.
    Anyway, overdoing is not necessary, when you choose it is always better to value the cost/benefit ratio.
    For example: if I have an old masonry, with a low insulation value, it is not necessary installing a triple glass window frame with a very low thermic transmittance if I don’t take care of the transmission deriving from the roof, floors and from the masonry itself.
  • What’s the role of the subframe?
    Subframe is an element that is normally installed on the masonry before installing the window element.

    It has different functions.
    The first one is to prepare the building site where the window frame will be placed, allowing to place the window frame when all the other masonry works such as plaster, wall painting and threshold implementation are already done.
    The second one is the preparation for the recess not only of the window but also of complementary window elements such as mosquito net, darkening (sunscreens, curtains or blinds) or other.
    Its design, the control of the correct implementation and its correct sealing to the masonry site are fundamental for a correct final result.
    Each CAIFRAME partner are able to design, suggest and follow all the phases mentioned above.
  • How is the window frame implementation done?
    There are obviously many different ways and materials that can be used for the implementation of the window frame.
    The main risk is obviously to buy particularly performing window frames and then spoiling everything with an inadequate implementation
    Specialized posers and the use of high quality material are fundamental to make the installation efficient and guaranteed.
    All the CAIFRAME partners perform installations with highly qualified personnel, that guarantees a correct final result when the installation is done, even for the “Certified Installation”.

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