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Technology HFS®

For energy-saving frames carachterized by with maximum tightness

HFS® is a special fastening system of the transoms with the uprights by means of expanding wooden dowel pins, called "bironi". After inserting a special water-based glue into the hole, the dowel pin is inserted with constant pressure.

The pins inside the hole expand by coming into contact with the adhesive, and generate a perfect system of maximum hold fastening that offers guarantees of durability double compared to the traditional open tenon system.

The advantage of the HFS ® technology lies not only in the maximum strength of the glass weight, which is engraved in the joints, but also in the cleaning work and in the final aesthetic result: the tenon coming out of the pillar is no longer visible in the frame stop.

“Special fixing system of the crosspieces to the uprights using expanding wooden pins”
Technology HFS®