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Advanced painting technologies for our design windows

Long life, resistance to the action of atmospheric agents and aesthetics always unaltered: these are the objectives that Caiframe achieves with its advanced painting technologies, developed to ensure the highest excellence of our performing windows.

The painting of Caiframe frames takes place with completely water-based products and cycle, and with biochemical paints use non-toxic and ecological raw materials with water and organic resins. An important productive choice and of which we are proud, because it reduces in a concrete way the carbon dioxide emission during the production of our windows and, consequently, generates a more reduced environmental impact.

Read more about the Caiframe painting methods in the following sections and learn more about the innovative Extreme-T technique, ideal in case of exposure of the windows to temperatures below 20°C and above 50°C.

“Quality in the production of custom-made fixtures”
Painting technologies for designer fixtures