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Bronze windows and frames: a touch of timeless style

The bronze windows are not only the epitome of aesthetic and material appeal, but also a solution of exceptional quality in terms of functionality. Completely independent from industry trends and current fashions, these systems are part of a range without a doubt special, able to meet completely different needs compared to traditional wooden, aluminum or PVC windows. Typically, one of the most common area of application for bronze windows and frames concerns the architectural recovery and restoration of existing buildings, especially if ancient, traditional or valuable. As you can imagine, the reason for this choice lies in the incredible aesthetic appeal of these products and in their intrinsic capacity to integrate smoothly into the stylistic context of this type of buildings.


Bronze is an alloy of two different metals, tin and copper. Fused together, these give rise to a compound – bronze, precisely – characterized by particular technical characteristics, first of all the extreme resistance. This means that bronze windows and frames will be, by their nature, incredibly solid from a mechanical point of view and will withstand to shocks, bends, pull-ups and stresses of various types. At the same time, another incredible advantage guaranteed by the bronze windows comes from their capacity to oppose optimally to the aggression of atmospheric agents, oxidizing in contact with the air without however suffer any alteration in the technical characteristics of the material. It is important to underline that the oxidation patina that forms on the surface of the windows in bronze represents, in fact, the best and most durable “protection screen” for this architectural element, whose duration in time is virtually infinite. The natural oxidation process can be accelerated by a mechanical process called burnishing, which allows the material to take on the warm and elegant shade typical of ancient bronze. It should be specified that burnishing is not a coloring, but a chemical process that does not affect the properties of bronze and, on the contrary, further increases its “self-protection” capabilities. Longevity, however, is not the only advantage guaranteed by windows and frames in bronze. This alloy also boasts an high corrosion resistance, even in very challenging environments such as maritime environments, and is a fully recyclable material. Its long duration in time is associated with a good versatility in terms of surface appearance that, depending on the different project needs, can vary from the typical verdigris of coppery bronze up to bronze with glossy burnishing. In its darkest shade, the latter recalls the aesthetics typical of ancient bronze par excellence. This means that, thanks to these characteristics, this particular type of window will prove to be the ideal solution not only to maintain unchanged the architectural style of recovered buildings, but virtually in the most different construction projects that require the highest quality of frames, especially when exposed to the outside atmosphere. The very high aesthetic value of the windows in bronze represents the perfect fusion between a tradition that dates back to the seventeenth century and the performance requirements typical of the current building, where a high degree of design must necessarily be associated with considerable technical functionality and long life. The result? A product that becomes more and more beautiful with the passing of time.


Caiframe makes absolute excellence its watchword. To enhance the concept of material beauty typical of bronze, the company has designed exclusive wooden-bronze windows that combine the warm charm typical of the living material by definition, wood, to the refinement and prestige of this metal alloy. Aeneus is the wooden-bronze window that embodies the true concept of timeless charm, combining a prestigious aesthetic with a very high level of thermoacoustic protection for the rooms. And where there is a need to install facades for very large lights, the Caiframe proposal includes also solutions in wood-bronze thanks to the extraordinary Skywall line. Get in touch with Caiframe specialists for your windows and frames in bronze: discover the excellence of an Italian brand that makes of the absolute quality its first objective.