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Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome: Old Times Middle Ages wooden windows

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The Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva is located in the Pigna district, in piazza della Mierva, near the Pantheon.
It is one of the few examples of gothic architecture in Rome.

The Basilica hosts the remains of many important people, such as Caterina da Siena and the mystic painter Beato Angelico.
In the eight Century there was oratory dedicated to the Holy Virgin named Minervum; it was believed in fact that the church was built upon the temple of “Minerva Chalcidica”, known by historic as built by Domiziano in the Campo Marzio. Anyway, the temple was later located in correspondence with today’s church of Santa Maria, in piazza Del Collegio Romano, probably linked to the Divorum. The area on which the church stands, corresponds to a wider sacred area of the Roman Era that held various cult buildings, such as the temple of Iside and Serapide, in addition to the Minervum.
In 1280 the construction of the big gothic building with three aisles by the Dominicans began, thanks to the funding donated by Pope Bonifacio VIII and by many churchgoers. The architects took inspiration from the Basilica f Santa Maria Novella in Florence; anyway, they simplified the elements of the Florentine example. The works continued until 1453, when the main aisle was covered with a vault, while the lateral ones already were since the fourteenth Century. Also in 1453, the Count Francesco Orsini ordered at his expense, the construction of the façade. Anyway, it remained unfinished, just with at sight bricks, until 1725, when its construction was terminated thanks to the will of Pope Benedetto XIII.
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