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Teatro delle Muse, Ancona: wooden windows, customized profile

Frames with walnut oak finishes

Frames with walnut oak finishes


The building, in neoclassic style, was inaugurated in 1827 and was made by architect Pietro Ghinelli; on its tympanum, there is an allegorical bas-relief explaining its name, by the neoclassic sculptor Giacomo De Maria.

It shows all the nine muses, from which the building takes its name, and among them it is also represented Apollo, god of Arts, and Palemone, god of harbors. The iconographic meaning of the tympanum is that the Muses sometimes leave their house on the Parnassus (which is slightly visible in the background) to visit the theatre of Ancona, on the banks of the harbor (symbolized by Palemoneleaning on the stern of a classic ship).
profile according to the works direction’s design developed on project ISOLA TOP with inserts and glazing regoletti in Inox Steel
Oak tree Nut.