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Perrone barracks, University of Novara: Dual Quadra wooden windows

Custom fixtures with walnut pine finishes

Custom fixtures with walnut pine finishes


The ancient Generale Ettore Perrone Barrack in Novara represents an important structure and area inside the town, a relevant core positioned between the town Centre and the defensive circle of the bastions.

The installation takes the typical characteristics of military architecture, with specific stick shaped buildings, in an original arrangement of the main buildings accordingly to a C shape and a vast open area for training.
The Perrone barrack, built around the half of the Nineteenth Century according to the stately principles of the military architecture, follows a history with many traits in common with other military complex: the enlargements inside the closed military area, the damages during World War II (the original main complex with three C shaped building is reduced to an L plan, because of an explosion); its use, after the world conflict, as palace of gathering and transit for the Italian ex-internees of the German concentration camps , for the prisoners returning to Italy, for the evacuees and the refugees from Istria and Dalmatia; the following disuse and abandonment, to the decision, towards the end of twentieth Century, of transforming it into a University venue.

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