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Aluminum frames and windows: only the best for your home

Frames and windows in aluminium have enjoyed, for a long time, a reputation rather undeserved compared to the objective advantages that they are able to guarantee, and especially in consideration of the numerous technical evolutions that have affected the sector. If, on the one hand, the second most popular material in the production of windows is just aluminum (the first is wood), on the other hand these aesthetic and functional elements have been used for decades as second frames to protect the internal ones made of wood, or considered (wrongly!) a second-choice option for many ralizations. In fact, the aluminum frames and windows industry has been the subject of an important work of Research and Development in recent years, and are now available a number of solutions that ensure exceptional technical performance of the frame against an incredibly versatile and high-level design.


As a material, aluminium boasts a series of features that make it particularly suitable for installation in the most diverse contexts: very versatile, lasts a long time thanks to its extreme mechanical strength and oxidation resistance and does not require any maintenance to continue to perform over the years. It has a minimum dilatation and its strength allows to create even windows with very thin profiles, with streamlined and clean lines, perfect for those who love the scenic impact of all-glass windows, bright and very resistant. The ability to operate well even with large lights is undoubtedly one of the main strengths of aluminum, so much so as to have made this material increasingly appreciated for installation in modern, minimalist and contemporary designs. To this characteristic must be added, however, also the incredible possibility of aesthetic customization: frames or windows in aluminum can in fact be customized with the most specific color palette and even with special finishes, differentiating the internal surfaces from the external ones, in order to respect the more specific aesthetic requirements. In addition, it should be remembered that aluminium not only boasts an high mechanical strength, but also excellent resistance against atmospheric agents. As for thermal conductivity, this value has now improved significantly thanks to thermal break processing, the division of the profile between the outside and inside and the affixing of appropriate insulating material (for example polyamide) between the two layers. In short, the current aluminum frames and windows are products radically different from those of the old generation, very attractive from an aesthetic point of view and extremely performing. Summing up, those who choose to install aluminum windows will then have a product that guarantees:
  • Long life
  • Great application versatility
  • No need for maintenance
  • High possibility of customization
  • Infinite colour combinations
  • Minimalist, clean and “slim” style
  • Possibility to create very large openings
  • Good thermal insulation values
All these features, as well as an increasing appreciation for architectural achievements in modern and minimalist style and the demand for all-glass windows, large and bright, today make frames and windows in aluminum among the most appreciated solutions for those who want the best for their home.


Considering that, often, the only “defect” that is ascribed to the aluminum frames and windows concerns the stylistic coldness of the material, a wooden-aluminum solution ends up to satisfy any type of aesthetic and functional need. The presence of wood, material by its material nature and “alive”, warms the look of the rooms making them cozy and visually even more comfortable, while the intrinsic characteristics of aluminum make the fixtures almost indestructible and able to tolerate incredible stress. Easy to maintain and durable over time, wooden-aluminium frames and windows ensure excellent values of thermal and acoustic insulation, great dimensional stability and aesthetic perfection. The combination of these materials is aimed at the best performance, as it provides an aluminum “shell” outside for excellent weather resistance while, inside, the environments will benefit from the inimitable warmth of wood. All this, in the face of large lights and reduced thickness of the frame, as well as the aforementioned high color customization. CAIFRAME puts at your disposal wooden-aluminum windows considered top of the range at international level, ideal if you want the best for your architectural project. Able to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of innovation, our models adapt synergistically to the style of the environments in which they are installed. Evolve offers you a contemporary appeal, made of clean lines and more than generous glass surfaces, while Solid is the ultimate in mechanical strength and thermal and acoustic insulation. The Planus model is the answer if you are looking for a wonderful aesthetic in the most contemporary contexts, while Everglass is particularly loved for its slender and minimal lines. The wooden-aluminum windows Royal are perfect for those who prefer the most baroque styles or must intervene on historic buildings ensuring the most appropriate design and the most excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, while the Passive model is designed for high performance thermoacoustic insulation thanks to its insulated core. Finally, the wooden-aluminium window model Ray is the answer for those looking for the perfect middle line between design minimalism and functional effectiveness. You can discover all CAIFRAME models of wooden-aluminium windows and doors in the dedicated section. Get in touch with our experts to define the windows best suited to your environments.