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Lifting sliding doors and windows are now considered a high-level design and stylistic solution, capable of harmoniously combining excellent functional performance with an exclusive aesthetic and adaptable to different spaces. However, in order to fully understand the benefits, it is necessary to take a step back and explain exactly what the lifting sliding doors and windows are and how they work.


A lifting sliding door is distinguished by its particular opening and closing mechanism, which allows the door to open with an upward movement that flows parallel to the other door. In practice, during the opening phase, the movable door moves "lifting" from the ground of a few millimeters, and then proceeds to slide on a guide or track in a direction parallel to the fixed door, but moving on a different level. In this way, it is possible to have doors with low thresholds or even floor-to-floor, which are particularly useful to create environments with maximum light input o in a more practical way, to increase safety in the presence of children or people with special motor disabilities. The design is undoubtedly the first factor that pushes the choice of lifting sliding windows: their minimalist, clean and linear aesthetic focuses on the fact the utmost attention on the glass surfaces that, reaching the ground, ensure a remarkable scenic impact and the complete penetration of light from the outside. This particular type of window has recently been the subject of numerous investments in Research and Development that have made it possible to combine exclusive aesthetics with optimal thermoacoustic performance. This means that the lifting sliding windows not only help to define the character of the spaces in which they are installed, but also to improve the energy performance of the building and, consequently, the living well-being of indoor environments. To these features should be added those of privacy and security, ensured by very effective anti-burglary systems, and versatility - which allows the use of such solutions also to create large openings (lights).


Explained the main peculiarities of the lifting sliding door, let’s now summarize the objective advantages. The main one is certainly the already mentioned absolute brightness that such fixtures are able to ensure indoor environments, to which must be added the other incredible qualities that notoriously characterize all sliding windows. The feeling of continuity between the different environments contributes to give life to real "corridors of light" and produces an extraordinarily synergistic visual impact between outdoor and indoor spaces, making these windows ideal especially if the house (or office) overlooks scenic areas or great charm, such as a well-kept garden, a swimming pool area, a large sun terrace. The illusion at the glance that there are no boundaries between the different environments is further implemented by the possibility of creating multi-door windows (from two to four, indicatively) that go to produce real glass walls. Inevitably, the interior spaces are also optimized because the sliding windows avoid the traditional swing opening typical of other solutions. In this sense they are therefore very versatile fixtures, which can successfully enhance even contexts of not generous dimensions while confirming to be exceptional especially for very large environments. Finally, it is impossible not to reiterate the advantage related to thermal and acoustic comfort: the lifting sliding windows allow you to achieve optimal performance of thermal transmittance and noise reduction, with consequent improvement of the quality of living and therefore excellent energy efficiency of the spaces that delimit. This means a strong reduction in the costs of electricity and gas bills.


The lifting sliding doors and windows designed and produced by CAIFRAME are distinguished by the exclusive design, the absolute care of the materials and their innate adaptability, because they can adapt perfectly to both traditional and contemporary contexts. Available in classic or Zero version (the latter is particularly suitable for those looking for minimal design solutions), they are made with 80 or 74 mm profiles but can also be proposed in the exclusive Minimal Ray model, characterized by an innovative profile of only 38 millimeters. In addition, CAIFRAME also offers the classic sliding shifting from the opening first to the flap and then sliding on the other door, with frame to turn and then also in the lower part, which complete the product range. Get in touch with our experts to find the perfect product for your space.