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Windows and frames in wood-aluminum are considered top of the range products due to their extraordinary technical characteristics and objective aesthetic and functional advantages that give to the buildings in which they are installed. The perfect synergy between exclusive style and maximum performance makes these solutions extremely appreciated both for classic design projects and for locations with more contemporary appeal. However, versatility is just one of the incredible qualities of these window frames, which are characterized by being covered in wood on the side facing the interior of the rooms and aluminum on the one facing the outside of the building. Wood-aluminium windows and doors fall into the category of so-called "combined frames", since they are designed and manufactured by combining two different materials and their respective qualities. This type of approach allows to sum the advantages of both reducing at the same time possible limits, and therefore to obtain a top of the range product.


The glass doors and the wooden-aluminum windows distinguished first of all for the aesthetic appeal that guarantee: thanks to the presence of wood the visual impact is always extraordinary, warm and material, able to offer an impression of conviviality and comfort of the house. Among the very first functional advantages of these window frames is the longest life in time in the face of very little - if not nothing - maintenance needs. In this sense, the wooden-aluminum frames are therefore very different from traditional wooden windows, which periodically require to be treated with special products or repainted to keep their characteristics unchanged. At the same time, the wooden-aluminium windows and glass-doors also boast excellent dimensional stability, are very resistant to the action of atmospheric agents, the wear of time and mechanical stress and are also extremely versatile, since they can be made of shape, style and even very different sizes. They are therefore perfect for complex projects, since they offer designers and architects maximum creative freedom. These exclusive performances are the result of the combination of laminated wood and aluminum: the first gives the opportunity to "play" with widths and customize the aesthetics of the frame, while the second allows to realize even large lights without affecting the performance of the finished product. Choosing windows and glass-doors in wood-aluminum, the opportunities for customization are therefore virtually endless: it will be possible to create classic solutions that can be fully integrated into traditional contexts such as vintage villas or farmhouses, but also respect the current aesthetic canons that lean for large glass walls and profiles reduced to a minimum, ideal for "furnishing with light". The possibility of customizing the frame with the most different wood essences or with finishes of various types naturally offers much comfort also in terms of colors, texture and overall atmosphere. Among the other features that make these solutions particularly appreciated for design projects of all kinds include:
  • The thermal and acoustic insulation, mainly linked to the presence of wood in the frame: a natural material known and appreciated for its extraordinary insulating properties.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress and wear, even on large windows or special solutions such as sliding windows. It is believed that this type of window has an almost eternal life, on average equal to 50/60 years without any special need for intervention.
  • Safety, a factor strongly linked to the strength and guaranteed by the presence of aluminum frames. This material is in fact considered among the best when it comes to the contrast to burglary attempts: therefore, a wooden-aluminum frame combined with special accessories will create an excellent passive safety system to protect the interior.
  • Eco-sustainability, linked to the fact that both wood and aluminum are natural, ecological and recyclable materials. Choosing windows of this type is therefore a "green" and intelligent choice, fundamental for the development of a progressively more sustainable building. Here’s a couple of interesting facts about aluminium: it can be recycled almost endlessly, and this requires only 5% of the energy used to extract the material.
  • Design, that is beauty in an objective sense, ensured by the warmth and charm of wood. On this type of windows and glass-doors, the choice of essences and finishes for a complete customization of the product is extremely wide, making it perfect for creating intimate, warm and welcoming atmospheres inside the house.


CAIFRAME is one of the international reference points in the design and production of high quality wooden-aluminium windows, designed to adapt to the most innovative and demanding architectural projects. Characterized by extraordinary technical performance and a design of excellence and immediately recognizable, the wooden-aluminum windows of CAIFRAME are customizable in colors and finishes and adapt perfectly to the most diverse contexts, from classical to contemporary. There are also many models available:
  • Evolve: a solution designed to give comfort and contemporary appeal to indoor spaces thanks to the retractable door, which maximizes the illuminated area with ample use of glass. These are wooden-aluminum frames with a clean and minimal aesthetic and precise and sharp lines, which immediately catch the eye.
  • Solid: it is the ideal model for those who want maximum input of natural light. Available in symmetrical and asymmetric versions, they are highly customizable and characterized by extraordinary insulating properties and mechanical strength.
  • Ray: incredible synergy between minimalist aesthetics and high level of functionality, for this model with a clean and sober design, particularly elegant. A true combination of wood, aluminum and glass that gives rise to beautiful plays of light.
  • Everglass: minimal and slender lines, it is a window frame designed to combine absolute elegance and excellent thermal acoustic insulation performance thanks to the section and the various compositions of double-chamber glass.
  • Planus: a model that gives buildings an excellent aesthetic and excellent performance. Indoor comfort is guaranteed by the presence of wood. Perfect for contemporary design projects.
  • Royal: a distinctly artistic and aesthetic model inspired by baroque style, designed to implement the design and thermoacoustic performance of buildings in traditional style. Ideal for the conservative recovery of historic properties or for classic contexts.
  • Passive: the insulated core of these wood-aluminum frames makes this model the most powerful ever for those who want exceptional thermoacoustic performance. All without sacrificing the exclusive CAIFRAME style.
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