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Have you ever heard of indoor microventilation? This is an extremely important term for doors and windows designers and manufacturers, because it involves the use of technology designed to improve the living quality of indoor spaces. It is therefore a factor that can greatly affect the environmental well-being that we experience at home or in the office and, for this reason, such an option is increasingly required by those who find themselves installing new window frames or replacing the obsolete ones. The microventilation is nothing but the natural recirculation of the air in the interior so as to prevent the formation of moisture, condensation and mold, three harmful substances that adversely affect the well-being and health of people and animals - and also produce damage to things. The natural and regular ventilation of the rooms is very important for health because it allows the entry and circulation of oxygenated air and promotes the outflow to the outside of air saturated with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, dust and bacteria. At the same time, it produces better thermal comfort in the rooms and, by helping to maintain an optimal degree of internal humidity, minimizes the risk of formation of the most dangerous mold. It is also essential to keep in mind that microcirculation of air is not only suggested in the dwelling in which we live every day, but also in second homes - for example those of holidays - that, inevitably, remain closed longer resulting in stagnation of internal air and formation of moisture.. Thanks to the micro-ventilation technology available with CAIFRAME windows, this important air exchange process is safe and guaranteed in any type of space.


In order to ensure proper air circulation to your indoor spaces through the windows, CAIFRAME offers you an innovative technology of controlled perimeter microventilation of the windows that produces a constant and regular air exchange, reoxygenating the premises. The micro ventilation technology that can be integrated into art CAIFRAME designer windows offers many advantages:
  • It improves the breathing of people and animals and is very useful in the presence of respiratory allergies or long stays in internal spaces.
  • It promotes the elimination of air saturated with carbon dioxide, pollen, dust, bacteria and other microorganisms potentially harmful to health.
  • Contributes to the dissipation of carbon monoxide generated by the flames (for example those of the stove).
  • It dilutes and helps to eliminate fumes from kitchen activities.
  • It reduces concretely the risk of mold and condensation.
  • Optimises the humidity level of indoor air.
  • Increases the thermal and acoustic comfort of the rooms.
All this without altering in any way the aesthetic impact of the window and without any need to open the window. But how does the controlled microcirculation system in CAIFRAME windows work? In a very simple way: thanks to an opening of a few millimeters along the entire perimeter of the window, which you can activate by simply rotating the handle upwards by about one hundred and fifty degrees. Thanks to this advanced technology, you will have the opportunity to keep the indoor air cleaner and healthier even in adverse weather conditions and without affecting the performance of the window: the micro ventilation system of the air does not in fact produce any risk of infiltration in case of rain or massive heat loss (or cooling). It is very convenient even in summer because, by means of a perimeter opening of the window of a few millimeters only, it does not allow access to the heat or unwanted insects. Also, from the point of view of sound insulation, the micro-ventilation technology of the window is a winning solution, because it is much more functional and effective than the classic flap opening. The system is safe even in the presence of small children because of the minimal opening of the window: there is therefore no risk for them or your pets.


Windows equipped with a controlled perimeter microventilation system can be installed in any room of the house because of the advantages that they bring to the quality of living. They are particularly recommended in environments that, by their nature, tend to produce the greatest amount of moisture, condensation and fumes, such as the bathroom and kitchen. However, they are also a winning choice for the bedroom of adults and children: air quality is in fact fundamental for a restful sleep, and the microventilation technology proposed by CAIFRAME ensures the right degree of comfort also from the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation, contributing positively to your rest. Discover our wonderful wooden windows, wooden-aluminium and wooden-bronze or get in touch with CAIFRAME specialists to receive support and advice for your architectural or interior design project.