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Ray wooden-aluminium lift slide window is one of the most appreciated and requested CAIFRAME solutions for prestigious architectural projects, enough to find a place today in many contexts in Italy and abroad. The perfect combination of the careful selection of materials, the high level aesthetics, the extraordinary technical performance and the quality of construction that distinguishes all CAIFRAME products makes this model one of the reference points of the sector, placing the company among the leading brands in the production of top level windows.


The front thickness of only 38 mm of Ray, even on the handle side is undoubtedly one of its most exclusive features, combined with the possibility of installing thresholds floor-level and the door fixed to all glass that allows you to create real sets, with perfect visual communication between indoor and outdoor.. A minimal and very elegant aesthetic, ideal both for new buildings and for renovations of pre-existing contexts. In summary, the wooden-aluminum window Ray is the prestige slide slide window that represents the point of union between minimalist design, essential and high class, and maximum effectiveness in terms of performance: thermal insulation of the interior spaces is ensured by the combination of wood, aluminum and glass, without renouncing the abundant entrance of natural light. At the same time, Ray also guarantees excellent sound insulation qualities, actively contributing to increasing the living comfort of the rooms. And these are not the only advantages guaranteed by this extraordinary solution: able to adapt in a symbiotic way to the spaces in which it is installed and to embellish its visual impact with its elegant stylistic cleanliness, Ray is eternal in duration, it has high Uw values as it can also accommodate a glass with double cavity, is dimensionally stable thanks to the structural bonding of the doors and does not require any maintenance..


Ray’s excellence also lies in the fact that, unlike windows erroneously considered similar on the market, it is a window in real aluminum wood. This means that CAIFRAME has not limited itself to a veneered product, preferring instead to concentrate its design and production on a sliding window in real laminated wood. Laminated wood is a composite material that maintains all the characteristic qualities of natural wood, such as a slow combustion in the presence of flames and the high ratio of weight to mechanical strength, offering, in addition to the value of the raw material, all the advantages of a technologically innovative solution. Thanks to a particular process of pressure bonding, the laminated wood eliminates the "defects" typical of solid wood: in addition to demonstrating excellent resistance to deformation and embarkation, it proves extremely solid, resistant and durable over time. Laminated wood is also an extremely versatile material that can be used in various construction elements, including systems that are fundamental for any building, such as windows and frames. Its homogeneous and uniform mechanical resistance along the entire structure is associated with greater lightness in comparison to solid wood, and low heat loss. This last characteristic is obviously reflected in a sensible energy saving and in the possibility of reducing the thickness of the architectural element without sacrificing its performance: it is precisely the case of the sliding window Ray that, as indicated above, it has a frontal thickness of even less than four centimeters and therefore allows to create environments of wide scope and maximum brightness, perfectly isolated from the thermoacoustic point of view.. Finally, laminated wood proves to be an optimal choice for the design and production of designer windows because aesthetically elegant, pleasant to the touch and able to communicate a feeling of warmth and well-being, as well as very resistant to thermal excursion and the action of atmospheric agents. With the Ray aluminium wooden window, it is possible to create projects of extraordinary contemporary charm and create indoor environments in which the windows maintain all the advantages of natural wood. The minimal design of this high range window transforms everyday spaces into real stages on the outside, increasing the value of the building and the aesthetics of its interior design. Finally, Ray never ceases to amaze even from the point of view of customization: many colors, shades, essences, textures and finishes in the CAIFRAME catalog, from those in aluminum to those inspired by the most precious wooden essences such as oak, chestnut, mahogany and pine, to finally get to the special collections characterized by special antiqued, brushed, scratched, metalized, pickled and more. Choose the Italian excellence of CAIFRAME for your exclusive projects: contact us for advice.