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Minimal wooden-aluminium windows: discover Ray in casement version

The wooden-aluminium windows are an innovative solution that combines the best characteristics of the two materials. They consist of an all-wood sash section and an external aluminium frame, which guarantees greater resistance to atmospheric agents, greater resistance to deformation, bending and wear. They are, in fact, an ideal choice for those who are looking for a high quality, resistant and durable, product that can provide excellent performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as an elegant and modern design. Read on for more details and discover one of our most popular wooden-aluminum model: Ray in the casement version.

The beauty and benefits of minimal wooden-aluminium windows

As we mentioned in the blog article dedicated to the characteristics of this type of fixtures, one of the main advantages is their high thermal acoustic performance combined with maximum resistance over time. These frames using a structure entirely in wood can ensure excellent thermal tightness, minimizing heat loss and helping to reduce energy consumption. Also the sound insulation capacity of the wooden-aluminium windows is highly effective, given by the possibility of housing very large and performing glasses, cutting out external noise and providing a comfortable and quiet home environment. In addition, they are highly resistant and durable, as the inner wood provides elegance, design and high thermal acoustic performance. Aluminium, on the other hand, offers maximum weather and moisture resistance, keeping the window in perfect condition without any maintenance. In fact, wooden-aluminum frames do not require maintenance, because the internal wood is protected from external aluminum, reducing any type of maintenance to zero. Finally, the wooden-aluminum windos offer an elegant and modern design, which is perfectly suited to any type of architecture, from traditional houses to modern contemporary buildings. Thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes available, they can be customized to meet individual needs and preferences, helping to increase the aesthetic and functional value of the property.

Ray: the wooden- aluminum window with great advantages and functionality

The minimal profile in real laminated wood provided by the Ray model demonstrates how the window becomes an object of the highest value and quality, as well as offering the authenticity of the product, a unique design and an exclusive aesthetic impact. This model is available both in the sliding version, to which we have already dedicated a specific article, and in the casement version: which has an essence of only 45 mm thick, standard concealed hinges and a frame coplanar to the sash, which allows to reduce the space between door and frame to 5 mm only, giving the product a compact and essential appearance. In addition, all gaskets are crush-style and cut into the corners at 45°, ensuring a clean design and better functionality in the opening and closing of the window, as well as improving the thermo-acoustic parameters of the product.

Caiframe: the ideal partner for your wooden-aluminium windows

Our history is connected with some of the most beautiful and refined creations of Italian architecture. We have contributed to their aesthetic and functional rebirth, thanks to our vast technical experience and love for craftsmanship excellence. The beauty of our windows expresses timeless concepts that go beyond the stylistic trends of the moment. Our work consists in interpreting these aspects, creating technical and aesthetic solutions that last over time. Contact our experts to receive support in choosing our products and enjoy the Ray model more in line with your needs and requirements!