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The new colour collection DUST “XO” for design windows

The colours in materic powder: Mortar, Cement, Quartz, Lava, Platinum, Copper, Bronze and Corten

The windows are openings on the world, which illuminate the rooms with natural light, ensuring them a good thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a personality able to represent the style of the entire house. Thanks to a multifaceted parterre of essences, finishes and colours, a window can live infinite lives in colour, and rewrite the appearance of each house with an always exclusive design. That’s why for each Caiframe Windows Collection it is possible to draw on a rich universe of colours to have windows design in harmony with the style of the house and the people who live it. DUST "XO" is the new line of colours designed by Caiframe to embellish and customize all wooden-aluminum windows, through original variants that give large space to creativity, quality and personality.

The features of the new Caiframe colour collection

Thanks to the materic powder finish, the DUST XO colours can give the wood a materic effect such as cement, mortar, quartz and lava, or a metallic effect in the style of platinum copper bronze and corten. The DUST XO colours guarantee to the windows a unique pictorial style in several aspects:
  • aesthetic performance: thanks to the uniformity and technology ensured by the painting technique with anthropomorphic, they return an image absolutely faithful to that of a materic or metallic windows of various compositions, because the window is coated with real powders of the chosen finish.
  • versatility: the DUST XO colours are suitable in covering all the windows of the wooden-aluminium collection, also in the condominium contexts. In this case, in fact, if on the one hand they facilitate the use of external frames of the same facade colour (unlike steel or aluminum windows), on the other hand, they guarantee the interior design finishes capable of creating an original colour contrast from the external colour;
  • quality to the touch: the textured surface of these coatings is very interesting even to the touch, because it can release an exclusive and authentic sensation.

A colour catalogue rich in shades and personality

The original DUST XO collection ia able to transform every Caiframe wooden-aluminium window into a luxury window, thanks to a range of colours with a materic cement effect and metallic effect colours, with particular and extraordinary variations. Among the materic cement effect colours, stand out:
While among the metallic effect colours you can choose between:

A wooden-aluminium window that becomes even more valuable

Caiframe wooden-aluminum windows, top of the range in the world of windows for the insulating properties of wood and the technical characteristics of aluminum, can become even more exclusive thanks to the precious touch of DUST XO colours, which enhance the finishes, but also the natural ductility, making them the ideal solution in the most innovative and challenging architectural projects. Without forgetting that, thanks to a strictly wooden heart, compared to steel or aluminum frames, the wood-aluminium windows ensure the highest level of energy efficiency and economic savings. Make space for colour, design and quality. And choose the most suitable surface for the wooden-aluminum windows of your home. Discover the new coloured finishes by Caiframe.