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Despite the technical innovation in painting, there are some risk situations for the paint that you should always keep in mind:
  • windows not painted or painted with colorless products(natural effect);
  • transformations or changes of the window by the operator;
  • touch ups made with products not recommended by Caiframe;
  • window cleaning performed with chemical, not neutral, products;
  • carelessness and neglect of the window (houses that have been closed for more than a year, no cleaning and ordinary maintenance etc.);
  • windows used outside the normal conventions;
  • damages caused by squirts or strains of products used in the building site (wall paints, polishes, plaster etc.). in this case, you have to be careful and protect the window with plastic sheets (ex. Polyethylene);
  • prolonged contact with water, especially during the first months after the installation, that might cause paint discoloration;
  • excessive humidity in the environment where the window is installed (for example, where flooring works were performed without an adequate air exchange) which causes an inevitable wood swelling;
  • presence of high atmospheric humidity( ex, fog and/or rain and/or snow that persist for more than 15 days);
  • windows exposure to aggressive
  • natural environments: within 200 meters from the last wave of the sea with consequent easy contact with sand or saltiness, or heat sources that take the temperature on the window above 60° C or windows installed at heights above 2000 meters over sea level;
  • damages caused by natural disasters or accidents (hailstorm, floods, flooding or nuclear explosions);
  • Use in such countries (Russia, Middle East etc.) with temperatures on the windows surface higher or lower to those highlighted in the following scheme:
If above 70°C: high thermo plasticity with consequent blocking danger if subjected to pressure for a long time. – If below -30°C: loss of elasticity of the film with consequent breakage danger if subjected to shocks.
– Good behavior of the paint in normal use conditions.


Before exposing the windows to temperatures below 20°C and above 50°C, e recommend to ask for the special Caiframe Extreme-T cycle, to reduce the risks mentioned above.

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