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  • Handle the blind with working gloves, you might cut your hands.
  • In case of powered blinds, the gear motor must be installed inside the winding roller. The electric links must be made scrupulously following the schemes contained inside the motor’s box. If not present, strictly ask the nearest C.A.T. for the documentation. The electric link of the motors must be done by personnel qualified as electrician and cannot be done by the Caiframe‘s C.A.T., since they are not qualified.
  • Don’t lean on the blind, since the anti – fall function is not expected as a containment measure for people/objects. Wind tight function is only expected, every other kind of solicitation is not contemplated.
  • Be careful while handling the blind at temperatures below 5°C: frame and accessories damage danger. If you experience maneuver difficulty, avoid forcing the maneuver and wait for the temperature to rise.
  • Maneuvering the blinds both uphill and downhill, make sure to avoid danger situations for people or things, especially verifying there are no people and/or objects in the movement trajectory of the mobile parts.
  • When in presence of manual blinds, avoid abrupt maneuvers and don’t let the blind’s sheet fall uncontrollably.
  • Do not ingest the materials used to build the blinds, neither inhale the fumes resulting from their possible combustion.
  • Never force the blind’s maneuver but, if necessary, contact the nearest C.A.T.
  • With protruding devices:
    • Pay attention to the closing/opening scissor, might generate a cut danger for itself and for third persons;
    • The protruding device’s handling must always be made by adults, never by children;
    • During the handling phase, be careful not to lean;
    • Neither the protruding device, nor its plastic sheet resist to the fall of objects from above;
    • Do not use the protruding device to hang any kind of objects;
    • In case of strong gusts of wind, completely lower the blind and close the protruding device, to avoid the so called “sail effect”.
  • In case of powered blinds with a remote control, keep the remote away from the reach of children.
  • In case the blind is equipped with locking systems, before handling it, make sure they are unlocked, to avoid damaging the functioning mechanisms, especially in case of powered blinds.
  • For the powered blinds, the following risks have been detected:
    • Mechanical nature risks.
    • Insufficient mechanical resistance: the risk is reduced thanks to the determination of the wind resistance class according to UNI 13659:2004.
    • Electric nature risks.
    • Direct contact of people with electric elements: electric transmissions in compliance with the EN 60335-1-2 norms.


To ensure that the blinds will last in time and keep their original aspect, it is necessary to provide a correct maintenance and cleaning. If you follow these simple advices, you will keep your Caiframe blinds always well functioning:

  • Periodically check that the guides, ball bearing, roller and pulley are always well cleaned from dirt, stones, concrete or other. To do so, you will have to perform a periodical inspection, at least yearly, of the components.
  • Clean from dust, smog and dirt with water and soap, otherwise it will inevitably damage the blind’s paint.
  • After the cleaning operations, lubricate the ball bearing and the guides, with a common spray oil. Strictly avoid using grease that would cause dust lumps, compromising the functioning of the blind’s mechanisms.
  • In case of installation of blinds within 500 meters from the last sea wave or in highly polluted areas (areas with a high concentration of traffic, near tanneries, zootechnical industries etc.) it is advisable to increase the frequency of the cleaning and lubrication operations, performing them at least every six months. It is also advisable, after an accurate cleaning, to apply to the slats a special silicone spray, such as those used for the cars bodyworks. As an example, we suggest SYMFOL or an equivalent product.
  • For the cleaning operations of your blinds, NEVER USE abrasive products, solvents or particularly aggressive detergents! A cloth drenched in a simple neutral detergent or some water is more than sufficient.
  • In case of aluminum blinds, periodically check the state of wear of the brushes and seals applied to the guides. These components, being subject to usury must be periodically changed to guarantee a correct sliding of the sheet on the guides.
  • Change the belt if worn out, danger of abrupt falloff the sheet in case of breakage. Contact the nearest C.A.T. for replacement.
  • In the case of roller shutters with manual safety bolts placed in the end slat, periodically check that the holes in the wall where the bolts are inserted are completely free.
  • Check the presence of both the stop plugs.
  • In case of manual blinds, periodically check the strap’s integrity.
  • Always use only spare parts provided by our C.A.T., unauthorized spare parts might compromise the functioning of the blinds.
  • In case of powered blinds, for every malfunctioning it is indispensable the intervention of a C.A.T., since the operations are more complicate and delicate.

We recommend anyway the periodical intervention of the nearest C.A.T. every year, so that it can perform the ordinary maintenance operations reported in this manual inside the window and not only o the blind.
Performing the Maintenance operations reported in this manual with the right frequency is essential to keep the guarantee conditions and always have a beautiful and functioning window!

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